Imagining the South Africa of your dreams

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Classroom Activities

This year we celebrate 20 Years of Freedom in South Africa. These classroom activities, developed with Pearson, will help classrooms (and individuals) explore the rich history of South Africa’s democracy, to be used as a launchpad for generating their own dreams for South Africa’s future. Start your class by viewing one of our Connected Classroom virtual fieldtrips, then, use the lesson plans to help your learners’ dreams take shape.

Lesson Plan #1: Imagine

The first lesson plan will help your learners explore their own dreams and ideas for their ideal South Africa. The activities are about finding inspiration from dreamers and doers in South Africa’s recent past, and using brainstorming to imagine what the future could be like.

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Lesson Plan #2: Create

Create is intended to help your students put their creative ideas into action. In the second lesson plan, learners express their ideas through different media. Not only will they get the chance to create a multi-media project, but they’ll gain a better understanding about their responsibility and ability to help create South Africa’s future.

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Lesson Plan #3: Collaborate

Sharing and working together can help refine your learners’ ideas, and help them see their work from someone else’s perspective. Learners will have an opportunity to share their ideas, and give constructive feedback on the work of others. They’ll also learn more about how past South African icons collaborated to overcome obstacles and achieve harmony.

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Connected Classrooms

Through a series of Connected Classroom “virtual field trips”, your learners will be able to visit some of the historic sites and people that played a role in South Africa’s democracy. Field trip leaders will take questions from the participating classrooms and other viewers on the Hangout On-Air, which you can watch live on Google+ or YouTube at the times listed below (or replay at a later time). Follow Google Africa on Google+ to be notified of these Hangouts.

Connected Classroom #1: 21 Icons, Museum of Africa Design, Maboneng, Johannesburg

11 August 2014, 13:00 pm CAT

Visit the 21 Icons: Portrait of a Nation exhibition at MOAD - a poignant and inspiring multi-media exhibition featuring 21 of South Africa’s greatest social masters including Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Sophia Williams De Bruyn, Ahmed Kathrada, Nadine Gordimer and George Bizos.

Connected Classroom #2: Constitution Hill, Johannesburg

15 September 2014, 13:00 pm CAT

Visit The Constitution Hill precinct in Braamfontein - the seat of the Constitutional Court of South Africa and a symbol of South Africa’s unique and triumphant democracy.

Connected Classroom #3: Vilakazi Street, Soweto

13 October 2014, 13:00 pm CAT

Visit the only street in the world to have have once had as residents two Nobel Prize winners! Pass by Nelson Mandela’s former house and learn more about the Hector Pieterson.

Additional Resources

There’s always more to discover. Use these resources in your classroom (or at home) to learn more about South Africa and its people, and discover creativity in its various expressions around the world: