Pearson South Africa

Pearson is the world’s leading learning company with a presence in over 70 countries. Pearson South Africa, home of Maskew Miller Longman and Heinemann publishers, makes a measurable impact on people’s lives through effective learning content, tools, services and our own learning institutions. To learn more visit


E-Classroom is an online portal, which provides free educational resources for schools nationally. The website was created for educators and parents to access support material to use in the classroom and at home. They provide excellent quality printable resources, which can be downloaded, for free for beneficiaries in South Africa. To learn more visit

E-Schools' Network

E-Schools' Network is a non-profit, self funded, organisation that provides the schools and FET College community in South Africa with connectivity and communication solutions, project development and management, training service in the area of educational technology and call center support. To learn more visit

SchoolNet South Africa

SchoolNet SA is South Africa’s leading innovator in professional development programmes in ICT integration and school ICT leadership. By virtue of its experience and successes to date SchoolNet SA has developed unique competencies, which will continue to serve as the driving force behind effective ICT implementation in the future. To learn more visit