The Program

The Umbono program lasts for six months. The focus of the first three months is on developing your prototype, usability, and iteration. During the following three months you craft your go-to-market strategy and attract users to your product. This time frame should allow your team to turn your idea into a validated concept with scalable potential. At the end of the six months you should be in a position to prepare your business for the next round of funding, equipped with valuable expertise and ready to drive your business further.


$25k to $50k seed capital, so that your team can focus on developing your idea.

When you are accepted into the Umbono program, you will receive an initial tranche of investment money (50%) to get your idea off the ground. After three months with Umbono, you will pitch your progress to the investors and they will determine whether you receive the remainder of the funding to continue developing your business within the program. With both disbursements of funding an equity stake is transferred from your team to the investors via a standard subscription agreement.


Tap into an amazing network via our Angel investors, Googlers, VCs, and community mentors.

You will have access to an invaluable network of smart, driven, successful individuals. We have found the best people in the industry, both locally and abroad who will be available to help you take your business to new heights. They can assist you technically, with your business strategy, and connect you to follow-on funding. A professional network that could take you years to build immediately becomes accessible.

The network includes angel investors, Googlers, VCs and community mentors. To meet some of the mentors that we have the privilege to work with (and so will you), follow this link to read about the People.


Free collaborative work space and bandwidth in Cape Town.

You will have dedicated workspace with internet connectivity, meeting rooms, and most importantly – great coffee! The space provides a fun yet professional work environment for you to call home for the six months that you are with us. We get together every Friday afternoon for the week’s wrap-up, better known as "TGIF."


Our networking and pitch events will provide you with a platform for growth.

When you join the Umbono program, you will become part of South Africa’s definitive tech incubator, which will immediately increase the awareness of your business. You will receive visibility across a number of platforms, from pitch events to networking opportunities, social media and traditional media contacts. The tech sector is interested in knowing what is going on with Umbono!

Business 101Business 101

A full curriculum to help with business strategy and planning. You decide which skills you'd like to hone. We also host relevant workshops throughout the program to keep your skills globally relevant and competitive.

Throughout the program Umbono organizes workshops for the Teams with thought leaders and subject matter experts who share valuable learnings and insights aimed at high calibre entrepreneurs. This program covers all business topics relevant to an emerging business. We do not march you through a structured program; instead, we engage on topics relevant to you so that your team stays on the leading edge of innovation.

Examples of workshops we host cover topics as broad-ranging as user experience, Agile/SCRUM methodology, PR and media management, digital marketing, prototyping, and intellectual property issues. We know that as a start-up you need many tools in your toolkit.

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